Truly, this is an amazing breakthrough!  Our survey service is a powerful breakthrough.
This is an added feature of our services. We proudly present our Survey-R-Us service!

Some surveys we will pay a small fee, some surveys will have gift giveaway and some
surveys will be free.  Please join us and have a great time as we grow together.

So much can be accomplish using our survey service.

  1. Churches, Businesses, Organizations can use this service to commutate with their people.  Getting information, doing polls and improving services are great ways and reasons to use our survey & polls service.
  1. We are now offering this service to those who would like to use it for the up building of their business.  In some cases it can be for free and other cases for a small fee.
  1. This is a perfect tool for family reunion. We make it easy for families to collect information and forward information to their love one’s.

For Manna First Affiliate members, this is also a powerful marketing tool. Use it to invite others to this wonderful God gift opportunity.

Please contact us for more information on how to use this service.